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PVC Windows
PVC Windows
Product Code : 03
Brand Name : Deepika
Product Description
    Deepika Plastic Doors and Windows, specially designed to your taste, for your dread house. The product is manufacturered with a new technique and quality new plastic. Deepika plastic doors and windows are of good quality, attractive design and beautiful colours. It is not only the above points, but the rates are also affordable.
  • Bathroom doors
  • Internal doors with frame
  • Sliding windows/fixed windows
  • Turn windows
  • Arch windows
  • Partitions, dividers
  • Ceiling/panelling/shower cubicles
  • Portal cabins, housing system, telephone booth, security cabin, farm house, terrace housing, site offices.
  • Furniture items like computer table, bank counters, sliding racks, kitchen cabinets, cupboards, dressing table, drawers, boxes, etc. and one can make varieties of items in furniture.
  • Light in weight, easy to handle and transport, easy to install.
  • No maintenance, no painting, zero elongation and contraction.
  • No rotting, rusting, petting and resistant to all chemicals.
  • Techno-economically perfect, having very good aesthetic look.
  • Non-conductive, fire resistant, scratch proof, water proof. Insect, pest or fungus free.
  • Long durative, strong enough, UV stabilized and withstand in any climatic conditions. High impact strength.
  • Available in any colour and is choice test designs.
  • Excellent substitute to wood. Hence eco-friendly.
  • New technique and new plastic.
  • Contribution to modern life.
  • IMPACT RESISTANCE: This is specially formulated to withstand high impact.
  • EXCELLENT HEAT INSULATION ENERGY SAWING: In an air conditioned building, windows with low thermal conductive material can reduce the loss of energy according to the fact. The intelligent selection on factors of thermal conductivity is the material of windows, profiles and the selection of the glass.
  • CORROSION RESISTANCE: U-PVC windows are free from the attack of acids, alkalis, waste and salts. It is corrosion resistant when used in any environment with its high temperature and high humidity.
  • EXCELLENT WEATHER RESISTANCE: U-PVC window profiles is specially formulated to achieve a high resistance against ultraviolet (UV) attacks. It can withstand long exposure in extreme weather change under scorching sun. Storms, dryness and high humidity. Moreover, Deepika Plastic Door and Windows provide perfect isolation against dust, wind and rain for healthier environment. This is because of the perfect double rubber gaskets isolation and the welded corners.
  • HEAT AND SMOKE RELEASE: The rotal heat release when burning PVC profiles, which is very low as compared to wood.
  • SCRATCH PROOF: The are resistant to most of the scratches. Even if the scratches arise, they can be removed easily by buffing.
  • LIFE SPAN: The life span is infinite shen used under normal condition.
  • EXCELLENT SOUND PROOF: U-PVC window material and the special multi-chambered profiles with non-vibrant material property and thermally assemblied corners, dramatically reduce outside noise.
  • EXCELLENT FIRE-PROOF: The material is an excellent fire-proof material according to DIN 40/2 for its non-spontaneous and self-extinguishing characteristics. According to the result of window material combustion test with wood, aluminium and U-PVC assisted by Zurich Fire Brigade.
  • THERMAL EXPANSION: The windows are easily operated even under any weather conditions due to its low coefficient of thermal expansion.